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Hawkeye Video Slide - Horizontal 24"

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The new Hawkeye® Video Borescope Slide is great for customers doing repetitive inspections. Three axis adjustment offers flexibility and makes set-up easy. An adjustable stop sets the inspection depth to easily locate a point of interest and to prevent damage to the borescope tip. Locking mechanisms on all three axes ensure repeatability, and allow the user to choose between sliding the borescope or sliding the object under inspection.

An aluminum V block stage is provided to allow XY motion for most mounted parts. Customers can easily modify or replace the V-Block with their own custom mount for oddly shaped parts. The 24-inch slide is perfect for Hawkeyes under 8 inches length. For longer scopes and larger parts, a 48-inch version is available.


Horizontal (x) slide range 17 inches
Horizontal (y) travel of part +/- 1 inches
Vertical (z) travel of camera 4 3/4 inches

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