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Flexible Borescopes

Hawkeye Pro Flexible and Hawkeye Blue Borescopes offer the most needed features at competitive prices. 

Hawkeye Pro Flexible (.130",.157",.200",.236" dia)
The Hawkeye Pro Flexible Borescope has a 18,000 pixel glass fiber bundle that delivers a high resolution image with high contrast. It comes in a range of diameters from 3.3mm to 6mm, with 2-Way articulation, and a tough braided tungsten sheath. 

Hawkeye Blue Flexible (.098", .160" & .236" dia)
For smaller diameter applications and where articulation is needed, choose a Hawkeye Blue Flexible.  These scopes provide +/- 120 degree, 2-way articulation and high resolution leached fiber bundles for high contrast images.  The tungsten  braided sheath provides good durability.

Hawkeye Classic Flexible (0.310" dia)
If you need to see around corners and behind objects in applications such as home inspection and automotoive service.  The 18,000 pixel glass fiber bundle delivers a high resolution image with high contrast.

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