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Hawkeye Classic Flexible Borescope Kit

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The Hawkeye Classic Flexible Borescope's glass-fiber imaging bundle contains 18,000 fibers, delivering a high resolution image.  Acid leaching of the bundle increases image contrast by creating space around each fiber to preven light spilling over from one fiber to the next.  Our image bundle delivers 2 to 3 times as many image pixels as other low cost flexible borescopes resulting in clearer, sharper images.

The plastic coated metal "gooseneck" sheath can take a "set" before insertion into a cavity.  The Hawkeye Classic Flexible is simpler, brighter, and less expensive than articulated fiberscopes.  Typical applications include home inspection, engine service and inspecting complex castings.

The Hawkeye Classic Flexible Kit contains a Hawkeye Flexible borescope, with 0° direction-of-view, a 90° Mirror Tip, a Hawkeye SuperNOVA Light with Xenon lamp, a NiCd battery and charger and a rugged, lockable, aluminum case.

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